• Beyond Men and Masculinity - Hosting a screening

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    From the therapy room to the political battlefield, this provocative film offers a clear insight into why we must look beyond traditional definitions of men and masculinity.

  • Beyond Men and Masculinity

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    What happens when boys are taught to disconnect from their feelings in the name of being strong and independent? What is the link between shame and male violence?
 Why do we find it hard to value kindness and compassion in men? And what role do women play in defining what is expected from men and...

  • The Price Of Fairness

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    Why do we accept huge levels of inequality and social injustice?
    This is one of the central questions that this documentary
    sets out to answer. 77 mins.

  • Love, Hate And Everything In Between

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    This documentary explores the extraordinary relevance of empathy in
    today’s increasingly interconnected world, where conflict and
    compassion exist in equal measure. 52 mins.

  • Just Trial and Error

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    Perhaps no aspect of the mind is more familiar or more puzzling than consciousness. Yet our conscious experience of self and the world is what shapes us and our history. 63 mins.